Medical student groups at UICOM Rockford

S.M.Arts: Students in Medicine for the Arts

SmArts is focused on supporting the "art" aspect of medicine and fostering positive energy in the Rockford Community. In the fall, we help out with Healthy Halloween on campus and we host a Bottles and Brushes fundraiser in November where we get to raise money for our Brave Beauties event. Our Brave Beauties event in the spring gives women who are currently fighting breast cancer and who have survived breast cancer a chance to feel beautiful and know they are supported!


Interested in S.M.Arts? Please contact:

Jenny Tumba |

Organized Medicine in Rockford

Organized Medicine Executives pictured with ISMS President Dr. Tom Anderson

Organized Medicine in Rockford engages our medical student community in our mission as advocates and leaders. We connect students, student organizations, the medical school, and community groups to relevant policies and current controversies in healthcare. As part of Organized Medicine, the AMA, AMSA, ISMS, and our county medical society (WCMS) are represented. Additional information can be found on our web page here:


Interested in Organized Medicine? Please contact:

Nicole Tobin |

Bob Freidel |

Games & Outdoor Recreation (GOR)

What started off as a foosball tournament M1 year blossomed into an organization during M2 to encompass all the games available to us on the Rockford campus. We believe games and the outdoors are a great way to break up the monotony of studying (and work on eliminating that VitD deficiency). Any level of skill is welcome! We’ve acquired a ping pong table and brought the billiards, foosball, and darts equipment up to par in the greenhouse to make it the ideal place for honing your hand-eye coordination. Future projects include collaborating with our local YMCA, taking a camping trip and hiking to test out our wilderness skills, holding a tennis workshop, and organizing a school-wide ski trip.


Interested in Games & Outdoor Recreation?

Please contact Co-Presidents:

Catherine Malewicz |

Dhairya Jarsania |