Humanism In Medicine Award


Congratulations to the 2018 UICOM nominee:

Dr. Emily Horvath from Peoria!















Selection process: each campus is responsible for electing one nominee from their campus before the UMSC meeting. During this meeting, UMSC will evaluate each of the four candidate's application and we will all vote on one candidate to be the UIC-COM candidate for H.I.M. Your OSR reps will then prepare the application for this candidate and submit it to the national board.




The criteria employed in the selection of the award recipient will include the assessment of his/her professional and personal skills, personal attributes, and professional and academic activities that provide evidence of the following qualities and characteristics:

       --Positive mentoring skills

       --Involvement in community service


       --Collaboration with students and patients

Written nominations must provide evidence and documentation of the nominee's embodiment of these qualities and characteristics. Nominations should also include academic, mentoring, advising, and counseling activities as well as specific examples of modeling ethics of the profession in addition to community service that demonstrate the nominee's effectiveness in role modeling the importance of these qualities to students, patients, and faculty.


“Dr. Horvath exemplifies the Oslerian physician-teacher with residents, students, and patients alike. She is wholly dedicated to the art of explanation, always allowing time to explore event the smallest minutiae of a disease process. Importantly, she does not consider patients to be incapable of sharing the same insight and curiosity. Rather, she helps patients understand their own affliction and claim some ownership over their autonomy in the hospital. Illuminating the scientific underpinnings of an illness is clearly a great solace to her patients, and she takes pride in being able to communicate even the most complex pathology in a vernacular of the patient's choice. She makes the same effort for her pupils, even cutting into her own personal time to make a teaching point. Dr. Horvath is a humanist in exemplifying that central idiosyncrasy of our species: curiosity. She would be an excellent nominee for the Leonard Tow Humanism award.” –Student


“It has been an honor to work with Dr. Horvath during my time at Peoria so far. She continuously teaches with an enthusiasm and passion that is contagious to students. Furthermore, she generates an environment that is fun and relaxed, which enhances our learning by enabling us to feel comfortable asking questions and exploring curiosity. Dr. Horvath is both approachable and capable of effectively communicating knowledge- a combination that results in a truly valuable educator. I highly recommend Dr. Horvath for the Leonard Tow Humanism Award and hope that I can work with her again in the future.” -Student

About the OSR


The OSR is the student branch of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).


The AAMC is comprised of, and represents undergraduate and graduate medical education in the U.S. Membership includes the Council of Deans (COD), Council of Academic Societies (CAS), Council of Teaching Hospitals (COTH), the Organization of Resident Representatives (ORR), and the OSR. Other groups within the AAMC of particular interest to medical students include the Group on Educational Affairs (GEA) and the Group on Student Affairs (GSA). The GSA is subdivided into committees representing admissions, student financial assistance, minority affairs, student affairs, and registrars.

OSR Mission Statement


The OSR provides medical students with an active role in achieving AAMC's mission to improve the nation's health through the advancement of academic medicine. Additionally, the OSR seeks to assure that students actively participate in directing their educations, preserving their rights, and delineating their professional responsibilities. To this end, the OSR provides medical students with a voice in academic medicine at a national level and strives to foster student involvement and awareness in this arena at a local level.