College Committee on Student Promotions | CCSP

Per the UMSC constitution, responsibilities of CCSP student members include:


1) Review and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on policies regarding student progress, dismissal or graduation.


2) Review and take action on proposals from the College's Programs regarding student progress, promotion, dismissal or graduation.


3) Establish guidelines and procedures for any student wishing to present evidence in support of an appeal of an adverse academic action.


4) Make specific recommendations of the Executive Committee concerning the graduation of students.


5) Report dismissals and reinstatements of students to the Executive Committee.


6) Identify and make known to the Dean, the Program Director, the Faculty, and the student body of the College those students who have achieved outstanding records and make specific recommendations regarding academic honors.






CCSP Meeting Information


This committee meets on the third Friday of the month. Please contact your student affairs office for information regarding meeting locations, videoconference and teleconference options.


As materials are confidential, each student member will be contacted by the chair person or secretary of the committee with further instructions regarding meetings, agendas and other committee issues. In the event that you are not contacted, please contact the Administrative Secretary of the committee for instructions.