College Committee on Instruction & Appraisal | CCIA

Per the UMSC constitution, responsibilities of CCIA student members include:


1) Regularly review and recommend to the Executive Committee the instructional, evaluation, and appraisal policies of the College for undergraduate medical education.


2) In consultation with the Program sites, establish the minimum competencies expected for all graduates of the College of Medicine and monitor the effectiveness of the curricular and appraisal experiences and instruments adopted by the Programs to provide and to certify those competencies.


3) Evaluate the effectiveness of the College of Medicine curriculum and the appraisal instruments used to monitor student progress throughout that curriculum.


4) Ensure that the curriculum offered and appraisal instruments used meet requirements for Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation.


5) Encourage, when appropriate, the Programs to work in a cooperative/collaborative manner in efforts best served by a collaborative effort.


6) Encourage, when appropriate, development of unique curricular endeavors appropriate to the environment in which each Program resides.





CCIA Meeting Information


This committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Please contact your student affairs office for information regarding meeting locations, videoconference and teleconference options.


As materials are confidential, each student member will be contacted by the chair person or secretary of the committee with further instructions regarding meetings, agendas and other committee issues. In the event that you are not contacted, please contact the Administrative Secretary of the committee for instructions.